Tollywood Movies Released In March 2021

 Tollywood Movies Released In March 2021

 Tollywood Movies

Tollywood Movies Released In March 2021 in the Telugu film industry. The Telugu film industry in India that are to be delivered in the year 2021.

Chaavu Kaburu Challaga Movie

Karthikeya is the driver for a mortuary van and is habitual of cremations. The last rites of the people in the town. This turns out to be his celebration in their life. One day Karthikeya falls for Lavanya Tripathi who is shattered after losing her husband. Karthikeya loved her at first sight during the cremation of her husband. The Balaraju takes his time and he is finally convinced by Lavanya Tripathi after which is the real story started. The rest of the Chaavu Kaburu Challaga movie is all about the backstory of Karthikeya’s mother and about in the twist.

A1 Express Movie

Rao Ramesh is a corrupted Minister who was determined to hand over the hockey playground to an avaricious corporate house in return for a cut. The coach was played by Murli Sharma and his passionate hockey players, on the ground. There were attempts to save the ground fall apart. As luck would have to it, Sundeep Kishan offers a ray of hope. How does he was saving to the playground from being gobbled up by the powerful men? Here you can find more information about the A1 Express movie.

Gaali Sampath Movie

The Gaali Sampath movie story is written by S. Krishna. Who was also be happens to the producer and revealed by the team? The movie is set up in a beautiful place in Araku. The Gaali Sampath was a mute person who is interested in acting. He believes can act and he tries to participate in the local plays. His son Suri was played by Sree Vishnu is a truck driver. Gaali Sampath movie director by Anish Krishna.

Aranya Movie

Aranya is a timberland attendant with an incredible heritage. He has given his beginning and end to defend untamed life and secure the creatures. Aranya has an incredible bond with elephants. What happens when a bad priest designs a land adventure directly in the center of a characteristic timberland repository? How Aranya’s movie stops is the fundamental plot of the film.

Sreekaram Movie

Sharwanand is a techie who becomes a farmer to fill in the shortage of farmers in his village. In the Sreekaram movie, the Sharwanand comes up with the idea of collective farming, an idea that changes the fate of the poor village. But Sharwanand’s father took his sweet time to trust his wisdom. Then there is an avaricious moneylender who has been an eye on the entire cropped area in their village. The Sharwanand not only saves his village and he also becomes an icon that forms the crux of the story.

Mosagallu Movie

Vishnu and Kajal are siblings who have hail from a middle-class family in Hyderabad. The brother and sister were unhappy with the kind of pathetic lives they are leading. The dream of earning a fortune will they are changing in their lives forever. The Mosagallu movie Directed by Jeffrey Gee Chin and Produced by Vishnu Manchu.

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